Typescript Language Complete tutorials and Examples

Typescript is a popular opensource programming scripting language. I have written a lot of articles about typescript language. This is a summary page of all articles in order.

Typescript  tutorial

To have a complete understanding of typescript, Please read below articles for complete understanding. All the posts provide a complete basic understanding of language features and detailed explanation with examples

All the posts are in order by featurewise.

Latest Typescript Update

Latest Typescript version

Typescript 3.1 is the current latest version.  This includes the following features

  • tuple and array types
  • types versions
  • .then refactor changes
  • function declaration changes on properties

Learn Typescript 3.0 features

This is the latest typescript language and compiler with structural changes and features - Project references, Tuple Types, UnknownType, and API Breaking changes.

Typescript tutorial for Beginners

install, setup and Hello world

This is starting an article in the typescript series. This explains why language is required, advantages, disadvantages of typescript and basics of the compilation process. And also provides installation of typescript, tsc command options. It has a basic example of the Hello world demo example.

Datatypes Basics with examples

This tutorial is to provide basics data types of language and their usages, explanations with basic examples.

Learn String Object with examples

This article is about String object syntax, usages, various methods and also has various basic examples.

Enumeration Basics with examples

This has detailed explains about Enum declaration, various examples like string and enum conversions.

Learn InstanceOf, typeOf operator with examples.

This will have a clear explanation and example usage for typeOf and instanceOf operator in typescript.

Operators - Various operators listed out here

Logical Operator -

 This blog is about boolean operators with examples.

Arithmetic logical operator

-  Various operators with Equality operators examples.

Bitwise, Assignment operators

- Examples for Bitwise, Assignment and Comma operators

Ternary, String and Negation Operators

 This post is about the basics of conditional, Negation and String append operator with examples.

Array Object with examples

This post is about Array object with methods tutorials and examples.
Object Type and examples

Object-Oriented Concepts:

Function and Constructor overload
This has an explanation of ways to create an overload of a function and constructor.
Classes and Objects
This post is about classes, object creation and inheritance with examples.
This covers the Interface type safety, Optional and readonly tutorials with examples.
Abstract classes :-
On this post, It covers Abstract classes, Implements Interfaces, static keyword with examples.
Encapsulation :-
It provides examples of Encapsulation and set/get Accessors methods with examples.
Polymorphism :-
This covers Function Overloading, Overriding and Interface with examples
Static Keyword and Constructor
This includes properties or member variables, Constructors and methods of a class with an example
Switch example

Basic Common Examples 

Convert  String and Number to and from example.

This has clear steps for conversion of string to number and number to string with examples.

Typescript Compiler

tsconfig.json options:- This post describes language compiler options in typescript.

Object Convert examples

String to Date or Date to String example
This post is about different ways to convert string to date and date to string in javascript as well as typescript
String to Boolean or Boolean to String example This article is finding ways to convert a string to boolean or boolean to string with examples.
Map JSON to Interface mapping This explained about different ways of convert JSON  object to interface or classes. This includes JSON custom object, parent and child object with examples.

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