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Naming style camel,snake,kebab,pascal cases tutorial example

August 15, 2022 ·  3 min read

programming Case name styles The string is a group of characters that contains word(s). A sentence is a group of strings or words In programming languages, there are different types of strings cases styles available There are various case styles for combing words to declare variables or functions or URLs in programming languages, This will be used as conventional notations only. All programming languages do not follow all cases. For example, Camel Cases in java are used for declaring variable names, kebab cases are used in lisp language for defining variable names....

javascript Add padding, leading zero to a string number

August 15, 2022 ·  1 min read

In this blog post, Let’s see an example of adding pad zeros to the number/strings with the below examples. add leading zeroes to date month using padStart() method in ES08 pad zero to string in javascript Add leading zero to the month of date object in javascript IN blog URL, the default post URL is year/month/postname ie 2020/02/my-postname. Suppose Date object in javascript, getMonth return number as 3 instead of 03....

How to Display JavaScript object with examples

August 15, 2022 ·  2 min read

Sometimes, During JavaScript application development, We want to debug and display the JavaScript object into the console. The object contains enumerated keys and values enclosed with parenthesis. For example, an object contains the following things. The below object contains keys and values as well as nested child objects var obj = {id:1,name:"John",salary:"5000",department:{id:1,name:"sales"}}; console.log to print the javascript object console object has a log function that prints the object or any javascript variable...

How to convert decimal to/from a hexadecimal number in javascript

August 15, 2022 ·  2 min read

Hexadecimal number, often known as a Hexa number, is a number with 16 digits. It is based on the Base 16 system, also called a hexadecimal numbering system. Hexadecimal numerals in javascript include decimal numbers, 0-9 (base 10) and an additional six alphabets ranging from A to F. i.e 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F. Example 32F or 1f,2A is a hexadecimal number. Decimal Numbers are numbers with a base of 10, i.e. numbers ranging from 0 to 9....

How to convert character to/from keycode in javascript examples

August 15, 2022 ·  1 min read

This tutorial shows 2 ways to convert keycode to/from the character in javascript. One way to charCodeAt() function convert character to keycode character, Another fromCharCode() function convert unicode keycode to character. Key codes for letters are unique numbers for any characters including Unicode characters. Keycodes and characters are 97-122 for a-z characters 65-90 for A-Z characters. 48-57 for 0-9 How to Convert character to keycode in javascript charCodeAt() method returns returns keycode for an character....

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