Missing Angular app modules in the latest versions

This tutorial helps to resolve the follwing issues with latest angular version

  • app.module.ts & app-routing.module.ts not showing up in the src/app directory in angular

By default , ng new app creates an standalone app

From 17 version onwards , Standalone app created by default with CLI.

ng new appname

The above option generates Standalone applications in V17.

In Standaloe app, there is not app.module.ts & app-routing.module.ts files in your project. root component(app.component.ts) is bootstrap in main.ts file

To generate a angular app in non standard way, ie moudles, command to generate a project that has app.module.ts and app-routing.module.ts:

ng new my-app --no-standalone --routing --ssr=false

Angular bootstrap the application with loading standalone components,i.e