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10 Interview Questions answers for Log4j in java

January 11, 2012 ·  2 min read

What is Log4j? Log4j is logging framework provided by apache foundation for java based applications. In the applications, if you want to log the same information, like any event, triggered, or any Database updated is happened, We have the need to log the specific information or error for the useful of the application. To debug any issues in applications, we have to log the error/exceptions in the logs. For this, we will use the log4j mechanism ....

Issues in configuring settings.xml in maven

December 30, 2011 ·  1 min read

As you know, Maven is a build tool for software java projects. Most of the developers have used maven over ant these days because of maven resolve their dependencies. maven settings configuration It is a settings.xml file used to configure environment specific settings such as repositories(Local and remote repositories) and proxy configuration and server credentials. These settings are specific to the user where Maven is configured. The default location on your machine is ~/....

What is final keyword in java?

December 30, 2011 ·  2 min read

final keyword in java final is one of the Java keywords which can be applied to variables, method, and class and the meaning is once final is applied, it’s value or state cannot be changed what is final keywords for variables:- if we apply the final keyword to fields or member variables, the variables are tread as constants, that means once created, and assigned the value, The value can not be changed...

Top 10 Examples of SVN Commands

December 28, 2011 ·  3 min read

Top ten Examples of SVN Commands SVN commands are used by most of the developers when there is project development involves multiple locations by different teams. I am listing down the some of the frequently used commands How to find the SVN version? `E:\techrocksz>svn --version svn, version 1.6.12 (r955767) compiled Jun 21 2010, 16:00:59 Copyright (C) 2000-2009 CollabNet. ` This will display the current svn client version How to find different commands available in the SVN tool?...

How to Install Subversion or SVN Client on Windows?

December 27, 2011 ·  2 min read

SVN installation on windows SVN client is mostly used by software developers to do the svn based operations(creating a branch, Checkout and committing code etc..).This task is mostly done daily to make code changes on java projects.First, try to get the required installation exe file CollabNet Subversion Client v1.6.12 (for Windows) from collab’s site. Once you downloaded the exe file, following the following steps to install the svn client on windows....

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