Best ways to get package.json version in NodeJS with examples

This tutorial shows multiple ways to get a package.json version of a nodejs application.

There are multiple ways we can read the package.json file in Nodejs Application.

First Way, using require and import, Second-way using the fs module read json file. You can also check other posts on npm command deprecate option is deprecated

Nodejs Get the Version of the package.json application

  • using require and import

if you are using the ES5 javascript version, use the required keyword

  • import json file using require keyword and create a variable


  • use the version variable directly using the imported variable

var packageJson = require("./package.json");

use import keyword for ES6 Ecmapscript6 version

  • import json file using import keyword


  • use the version variable directly using the imported variable

import { version } from "./package.json";


  • use readFileSync

It is an example of reading local json files using the fs module, readFileSync function.

  • import fs modul


  • read json file using readFileSync function

  • Convert string into json using the JSON parse method

Here is an example code

fs = require("fs");
packagejson = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("package.json", "utf8"));