React Input onBlur Event with examples

In this tutorial, We will learn how to use input onBlur event in Angular

First, what is the onBlur event? where is this being used in Angular?

onBlur is a javascript event, fired when the input element lost its focus.

You can see my previous about Angular button click event example Other versions available:

It is helpful while doing form validations.

In Plain HTML pages, the onBlur element is added to the input element.

html onblur Syntax

<inputformelement onBlur="eventname"> </inputformelement>

input form elements can be one of these.

  • text
  • textarea
  • checkbox
  • radio
  • button
  • label In Angular, This will be used to do form validation i.e client or server-side. Like in HTML, Angular will have a blur event instead of onBlur.

We are going to explain Different examples using blur event in Angular

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