How to get file name without extension in python with example

This tutorial shows how to get file names and extensions in Python

  • Get the File name
  • Get File name without extension
  • Get File extension in Python

Python to get File name without extension

  • use os.path.basename function
    • Takes the path of a file including the directory
    • It returns the file name with an extension
    • use the os.path.splitext function to split into name and extension,
    • Returns array of strings, first element name, second element is an extension
import os
print(path) # data.txt
print(os.path.splitext(path)) # ('data', '.txt')
print(os.path.splitext(path)[0]) # data
print(os.path.splitext(path)[1]) # .txt
  • use pathlib🔗 Path function

    pathlib contains stem returns file name without extension. It works from Python 3.4 onwards.

  • stem returns the file name without extension

  • name: returns file name with extension

  • suffix: returns the file extension with . included

  • suffixes: contains an array of suffixes.

  • Here is an example

from pathlib import Path
print(path.resolve().stem) # data
print( # data.txt
print(path.suffix) # .txt
print(path.suffixes) # ['.txt']