How to change the user login details in TortoiseSVN

TortoiseSVN is a Subversion client to work with projects based on the SVN repository.

Sometimes, We want to change user detail configuration in TortoiseSVN Client.

This post talks about multiple ways to change login details to SVN Repository in TortoiseSVN

Torotise change user Authentication configuration

There are multiple ways to configure User Authentication Configuration.

  • Delete Authentication Data
    • Open any folder in File Explorer
    • Right-click on space, Context Menu shown
    • Select TortoiseSVN and Settings, It shows Settings Window.
    • Select the Saved Data tab
    • Click on the Clear or Clear All button beside Authentication Data, For some users these buttons are disabled, check the next section: delete cache Section
    • It clears all authentication user data to applications.
    • Click on Ok to close the window.
    • Next time onwards, if you log in with the TortoiseSVN repo, It asks for a username and password for user authentication and saves to Saved Data

Authentication Data shows disabled buttons, So see delete cache Section

  • Delete User Cache

Windows maintains user settings in the %APPDATA% folder.

Go to %APPDATA%\Subversion\auth\

  • Select either the svn.simple or svn.ssl.server folder

  • These folder contains several files with names containing hash values

  • Find the filename that needs to change the user details

  • Remove the file.

  • Next time onwards, if you log in to the TortoiseSVN repo, It asks for a username and password for user authentication and saves to the User cache folder here.

  • Using Credential Manager in Window

    • Open Control Panel

    • Select Credential Manager

    • Select Windows Credentials

    • Click on the Add Windows Credentials Link

    • It shows the form and enters the below details - Internet or Network Address: enter FQDN of repository svn server. an example is - Username: Username of the svn repository - Password: password - Click Ok to save it

      When you log in to the svn repository from the command line or client tools, It uses the credentials saved in Credentials Manager for authentication.