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Hugo cache busting - Generate static assets hash filenames

September 28, 2021 ·  2 min read

What is cache busting? Cache busting is an technique to load the assets from url instead from browser cache. Caching is very useful to improve the performance for static assets like css javascript and image type files. These can be configured at server to store the these assets for longer time and these will expired with time specified. Websites used CDN to load the static assets faster the reason is Static files are cached in CDN like cloudflare....

How to display images in hugo

April 13, 2020 ·  1 min read

There are multiple ways we can insert images in hugo posts. Hugo posts are in different Hugo posts are written in markdown files. These are plain text content with special syntax. Adding image to markdown files in hugo Here is an syntax for Adding images to posts in Hugo ![your image](/post/images/your-image.png) Using Figure short code Syntax figure is an inbuilt short codes provided by hugo static generator syntax if we want full control how we want to displays We can write a shortcode for image displays...

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