Remove Duplicate elements from an array in swift with an example

 Remove Duplicate elements from an array swift with example

This tutorial explains different ways to remove duplicate elements from an array with code examples

  • Convert Array to Set using Set(array), again convert to Array using Array(Set)
  • Iterate an array and add element to an set, convert to array.

For example, the Input array contains the following elements


1 and 3 are repeated and removed from an array, the following is an array. Output:


How to remove duplicate elements from an array in Swift with examples

There are multiple ways we can remove duplicate elements.

  • use a Set data structure Set is a data structure used to store unique elements.

Here are the following steps required

  • First Convert array into Set using the constructor
  • Next, convert set to Array using the array constructor

Here is an example

var numbers=[1,11,1,2,3,1,3]
let uniqueUnordered = Array(Set(numbers))

puts (uniqueUnordered)



Arrays contain order items, with this approach, Set does not follow the order

  • using an array for in loop This is an example of the iteration of elements and adding into Set type.
var numbers=[1,11,1,2,3,1,3]
var result = Set<Int>()
for i in  numbers {
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