Basic React Interview questions and answers

This post talks about React interview questions and answers for developers.

It is useful for full-stack developers and frontend developers.

  • What is React framework?

React is a popular open-source UI framework developed by Facebook. This is based on JavaScript language for building UI components. It is only used as a view layer in Single page applications. This can be used to develop the following types of applications

  • web applications with React
  • Mobile applications with React native
  • Desktop applications with React NodeGui
  • Browser plugins

Facebook was developed and opensource in 2011, created by Facebook engineer Jordan Walkie. Initially used news feed features were implemented in Facebook, Later Instagram and WhatsApp are using react js framework.

  • What are features of ReactJS framework?

React is very popular for displaying the webpages very fast, The reason for very fast is with inbuilt below features

  • Virtual DOM

  • Server Side rendering

  • JSX

  • One-way binding

  • what are the advantages of React? It works on Virtual DOM concepts on a tree of nodes with state changes. Because of it, It improves performance. It Can be used in CLient and Server-side rendering. It can be used with other Frameworks like Angular. It is based on a Component-based approach, Components can be reusable.

  • what are the disadvantages of React? ReactJS is a framework for UI single-page applications

    • View Layer Support only This framework is only used in the View layer of MVC Single page applications, so You have to use other frameworks for handling the Model and controller

    • the learning curve for developers As React is a combination of JSX, JSX is a new syntax of using JavaScript and HTML. Developers need to learn the JSX syntax. And also learn virtual DOM, node.

    • JSX is a new syntax need to learn

  • What is the difference between angular and react Both are popular javascript frameworks for single-page applications.

Angular React
Developed by Google Developed by Facebook
direction Data passed to component
duration time in milliseconds shown before disappear from the page
panelClass used to Customize the snackbar css styles
horizontalPosition Horizontal position - ‘start’, ‘center’,‘end’,‘left’, ‘right’
verticalPosition Vertical position - ‘top’,‘bottom’
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