How to render an array of objects in react?| Array map example in react

This is a short tutorial on how to render an array of objects in React component render component. We have an array of objects data either coming from API or fixed.

For example,

employeeList = [
        name: 'John',
        email: 'john@gmail.com'

        name: 'Ram  ',
        email: 'ram@gmail.com'

We can use the Array map function to iterate each object of an array.

Let’s see how to iterate using the Array.map method to in react component.

React class component to render an array of objects using the map method

  • Created a react component app.jsx
  • we have an array of objects stored in react state object
  • In the render method, Iterated array of objects using map method and construct the result object
  • In the render method add this result using the javascript expression syntax

import React, { Component } from ‘react’; import { render } from ‘react-dom’;

export default class App extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { data: [{ name: ‘John’, email: ‘john@gmail.com’ },{ name: ‘Ram ‘, email: ‘ram@gmail.com’ }] } } render() { const emps = this.state.data; const result=emps.map((emp,index) => {emp.name});

return <ul>{result}</ul>;

} }

This prints the ordered list of objects values

## Stateless React functional component to display an array of objects 

This is a stateless functional component.

- In the Return functional component, We have used the map to iterate and construct li object, print using javascript expression
import "./styles.css";

export default function App() {
  const employeeList = [
      name: "John",
      email: "john@gmail.com"

      name: "Ram  ",
      email: "ram@gmail.com"
  return (
      {this.employeeList.map((emp, index) => (
        <li key={index}>{emp.name}</li>


In this tutorial, You learned how to render an array of objects in stateful and stateless components

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