Python Example - Check String is empty or not

The string is a group of characters(or Unicode) enclosed in single or double quotes in Python.

Check If the string is empty in Python

What makes a string empty?

The string contains empty characters enclosed in double or single quotes.

Python evaluates to Boolean Context that returns Falsy values for sequence types such as strings in conditional statements.

print(not str); # True

That means, space always returns True in the boolean Context

if String contains one or more spaces, Then It is not empty and returns False Values in Boolean Context.

str="   ";
print(not str); # False

So, if you use the sequences in conditional Statements It always returns True or false

Here is an example


if not str.strip():
    print("string empty")
    print("string not empty")

The above approach works for empty or one or more spaces

The second way using eq function This is elegant and full proof using eq operator

It checks again empty string


another way using ispace function

ispace function returns false for empty string and true for one or more empty space strings.

str1="  ";



with the Above three approaches, the First approach is better and it checks empty or one or more spaces