Python get Class name as String examples

This tutorial covers the following topics in Python:

  • How to get Concrete class name as a string
  • find the full qualified name of an instance of an object class

Getting the Class Name as a String

Use the __name__ attribute to retrieve the class name using an instance object. The __name__ attribute returns the class name of an instance of a class.

In Python 3, you can use name on the result of the type function with an object.

class Employee:

e= Employee()

print(type(e).__name__)# Employee

In Python 2.x, you can use instance.__class__.__name__ to get the class name.

class Employee:

e= Employee()
print(e.__class__.__name__)# Employee

Python Decorator to Get the Class Name of a Class

Declare a class method with the @classmethod decorator. The method takes an instance and returns the nam`e attribute.

Create an instance of a class and call the function to get the class name as a string.

class Employee:
  def classname(self):
    return self.__name__

e= Employee()
print(e.classname()) # Employee

Getting the Qualified Name of a Class Instance

The qualname attribute returns the qualified name of a class, providing a nested class hierarchy of class names.

Here is an example

class Employee:
    class AdminEmployee:
      def func(self):

e= Employee.AdminEmployee()
print(type(e).__name__) # AdminEmployee
print(type(e).__qualname__) # Employee.AdminEmployee