How to reverse a String and List in Perl| Reverse function

This tutorial shows you how to reverse a string and list in Perl.

Perl reverse function does two things

  • In Scalar Context, It reverses the string into reverse order
  • In List Context, It reverses the list into the reverse list

Perl Reverse Function example

reverse function reverse variable data. Syntax


Reverse the data in the variable and returns it

Here is an example

my $str="Hello";
$reverseStr = reverse($str);

print "$reverseStr";



How to print the array or list in Reverse order in Perl

To reverse the array in reverse order, Please follow the steps.

  • Declare an array or list with literal syntax
  • pass the array to the reverse function
  • reverse in list context reverse the array in reverse order
  • Return a reverse list
  • Print the list in reverse order
my @number=(1,2,3,4,5);
@reversenumbers = reverse(@number);

print "@reversenumbers";


5 4 3 2 1

How to Reverse string in Perl with code example

To reverse String in reverse order, Please follow the steps.

  • Declare a string with the literal value
  • pass the string to the reverse function
  • reverse in scalar context reverse the string in reverse order, firstcharacter is changed to the last character, last character to the first character
  • Return a reverse string
  • Print the string in reverse order
my $name="welcome";
$reverseName = reverse($name);

print "$reverseName";


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