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Nim example - Convert JSOn to/from the object

May 2, 2023 ·  1 min read

This tutorial shows NIM object and json string object conversion examples $$: to serialize Nim Object to JSOn string. to: deserialize json string to Nim Object How to convert Nim Object to JSOn Nim has a marshal module that contains the procedure to serialize and deserialize data from NIM objects. $$ is used to convert Nim Object to JSOn string. Here is an example Create an Employee object Variable created by adding data using the constructor $$variable returns the JSOn string import std/marshal type Employee = object id: int name: string var emp = Employee(id: 1, name: "john") echo($$emp) echo(typeOf($$emp)) Output:...

Twilio Flex plugin Guide with basic example

May 1, 2023 ·  3 min read

This Tutorial covers the following things about the twilio flex plugin. twilio flex plugin CLI tutorials with examples How to create a custom plugin Deploy and release the plugin to production Twilio provides Cli for creating, running, and testing the plugins. CLI is abbreviated as a command-line interface for creating, developing, testing, and release of the flex plugins for Twilio. Flex plugins are useful for customizing Flex UI and component modifications in Twilio,...

Zip and Unzip files and folders from command line in windows

May 1, 2023 ·  2 min read

This tutorial shows you how to zip and unzip files in Windows OS. Linux has default inbuilt tools to zip and unzip files. How to zip and unzip files and folders in the command line Windows There are multiple ways we can zip files or folders. using jar command Jar command is available with java installation on Windows. Follow is a command to zip a file or folder using jar command...

Z-index maximum and minimum value

May 1, 2023 ·  1 min read

z-index is a CSS attribute used to apply stack order of HTML elements. It is a z-order of an element position. It only works with positions with absolute, relative, and fixed types. It contains an integer value assigned to it Following is an syntax z-index:auto | <integer> | inherit It contains auto or integer or parent inherit. Here is an example to stack one element over other with more z-index value....

Why the main method is declared as static in java?

May 1, 2023 ·  1 min read

In a simple java program, we declared the main method as the following way. public static void main(String args\[\]) { } The method name is main By using the java filename command, JVM loads the Java class into the memory and looks for the main class in the java file. if the main method is not found, it throws the NoClassFoundError exception. if the main method found, it will start the java execution code process....

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