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Learn JSDoc - Javascript API document Generator tutorials

August 14, 2022 ·  6 min read

Javascript Documentation JsDoc is a javascript documentation generator for javascript language. This tool is used to generate code documentation in HTML format of a javascript source code and it is similar to Javadoc in java language. Strong documentation is one of the factors for a successful software application.JSDoc parse javascript source with content from /** */ and outputs HTML documentation. This blog post covers JSDoc tutorials with examples Install and Setup JSDoc library using npm library To Play with this, first, you need to install it....

javascript math object-mathematical functions examples

August 14, 2022 ·  3 min read

It covers the javascript inbuilt mathematical functions library with examples. Javascript math object Math is a javascript inbuilt object, and it contains various utility mathematical functions. As every programming language provides mathematical operations as part of programming language. It contains multiple functions and constants and properties. Constants and properties The following are constants declared in Math Object in javascript. Math.E - it returns natural base algorithm - Approximate value is 2....

What is a hive in Hadoop? Advantages and disadvantages

August 11, 2022 ·  2 min read

Hive is an open-source framework developed in Java, and one of the sub-component of the Hadoop system, developed by Facebook on top of the Hadoop HDFS system. We have different components as part of Hadoop architecture. HDFS Basics in Hadoop. Hive can be used to access the data (files in HDFS) stored in the Hadoop distributed file system or data stored in HBase. Map-reduce is a java framework to process the data parallelly Hive uses a large amount of data on Hadoop without knowing java map-reduce programming....

How to check whether a given variable is an integer or not in javascript

August 11, 2022 ·  2 min read

These short tutorials cover how to check whether a given declared variable is an integer or not in javascript. For example, the Integer variable always contains numeric digits. How to check if a variable is an integer in JavaScript? There are multiple ways we can do it. use isNan method One way to use isNan and parseInt and parseFloat methods are to check given variable is a number....

How to Check if the page is reloaded or refreshed in JavaScript

August 11, 2022 ·  2 min read

Sometimes, We want to check if the page is reloaded or refreshed. A page can be refreshed or reloaded by doing the following things. keypress F5 from the user page reload using location.reload() back or forward button from a browser Typing URL in a browser or clicking a link to reload a specific page Submit form Prerender a page Check if the page is reloaded or refreshed in javascript Javascript provides a window....

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