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Top 3 Java Text Formatting examples| MessageFormat class in java

September 27, 2022 ·  2 min read

java MessageFormat Text Formatting: Learn with syntax and examples. Why MessageFormat is introduced? the disadvantage with String class processing is Strings are immutable objects, more objects are created in heap memory and these messages order is not same for every language, because of this problems, Sun has introduced text format classes like MessageFormat Strings are immutable objects, which means that many objects are created in heap memory, and the order of these strings varies by programming language....

Top 3 Examples of variable arguments| varargs feature in java

September 27, 2022 ·  2 min read

java variable arguments in methods: Learn with syntax and examples. What are Variable Arguments in java Variable arguments feature is one of the java language feature introduced in Java5. Java5 introduced a lot of new features like the Enum feature[] etc. Before Java5, methods can have multiple arguments, but the number of arguments is fixed. With Java5, the method can have multiple parameters (zero to many) to be supplied without having to define many arguments by specifying variable argument syntax....

Top 20 Maven Commands list | cheatsheet

September 27, 2022 ·  6 min read

Maven is a build automation project management tool in java projects. Most of the people working on java related technologies know about the maven usage. It uses the pom.xml file to manage build dependencies. pom.xml is a project object model that contains dependencies, java version, and plugin information. it is used to compile and build the project. Maven execution runs with the build life cycle such as compiling, executing, testing and packaging java projects....

Top 15 Examples of HashMap in java | HashMap tutorial

September 27, 2022 ·  4 min read

This tutorial explains HashMap basics in java and features and top 15 examples. Contents How HashMap works in java Important points to remember for HashMap How to Create HashMap Object using java? How to add Objects to HashMap How to iterate through values HashMap? How to Find out the size of the hashmap How to Check if the key object exists in HashMap Check if value object available in HashMap How to delete an object from HashMap?...

Top 10 ways to get the first element from an array in javascript with example

September 27, 2022 ·  3 min read

It is a short tutorial on multiple ways to get the first element from an array. Let’s declare an array. let array=[12,1,8,9]; Array index always starts with index=0 and array.length returns the length of an array. that means array[0] returns first element, array[array.length-1] returns last element of an array. Array.length property returns the length of an array. Following are Multiple ways, we can retrieve the first element of an array in JavaScript....

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