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The best way to convert Array to JSON in typescript with example

November 26, 2022 ·  3 min read

You can also check other posts on Javascript Add,Delete from Array Casting Array and JSON introduction The frontend will interact with the Database in Typescript apps like Angular using REST API. REST API is a separate application that communicates with a database and can be created in any language. The REST API accepts JSON as input and returns JSON as output. Angular applications which are based on the MVC pattern take the input from the View layer and store/holds them in an array of objects as a model in a Controller....

Six ways of remove property or key in the object of Javascript

November 26, 2022 ·  4 min read

Learn different ways of removing property or key in a javascript object. You can also check other posts on Javascript Add,Delete from Array How to Delete a property from an object in Javascript? JavaScript object is a collection of keys and values of a property enclosed in parenthesis{}. Let’s declare an object in javascript with inline initialization of key and values let obj = { "model": "alto", "company": "Maruthi", "type": "car" } In this blog post,...

setTimeout and Cleartimeout Examples in javascript with examples

November 26, 2022 ·  2 min read

Sometimes, You want to execute code after waiting time. javascript provides settimeout and clearTimeout methods to execute and cancel timer for one time. SetTimeout is used to execute the code after configured time in milli seconds waiting or elapsed. It is executed only once. Here is a syntax setTimeout(callbackfunction,timeinmilliseconds) setTimeout("callbackfunction()",timeinmilliseconds) callbackfunction is a function that executes after the given time. timeinmilliseconds is a time in milliseconds. One second is 1000....

Safari developer tools developer console, Inspect options

November 26, 2022 ·  2 min read

Why Safari Dev tools are required? In Web application development, Web Developers need to test and debug the functionality in different browsers. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers are used by most developers. Safari browser is one of the popular web browsers from Apple. Sometimes, the functionality works in chrome, But it will not work on other browsers like safari. Developers need to debug the code to find out the root issue....

ParcelJS web application bundler Introduction

November 26, 2022 ·  2 min read

Bundler task is to bundle your application assets like HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and dependencies and output into files We have a lot of web applications popular bundlers like webpack, Browserify, and rollup? then why was parcelJS introduced?. With webpack, we have a lot of configurations and complex setup. The parcel has zero-based configuration and performance is good compared with existing bundlers. Parcel Inbuilt features Fast performance as it runs the tasks in parallel using multi-core processors and caching support Integrated inbuilt support for javascript, CSS, HTML and images, other UI assets....

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