NodeJS v8 getheapstatistics method| How to find heap size?

In this tutorial, You learn getHeapStatistics method in v8 module of nodejs with examples

This includes how to find below things from javascript code

  • How to get the value of max_old_space_size from the code?
  • get max heap size of an nodejs application
  • Retrieve heap memory for string objects
  • total_available_size
  • max-old-space-size

V8 is an engine is used internally by Nodejs environment. You can check v8 version and 32 bit or 64 bit for Nodejs

Sometimes, To debug node outofmemory errors , We need to know heapsize of an environment and application. To get the all above information, Nodejs has a inbuilt in module v8 , It has a inbuilt getHeapStatistics to get statistics information about heap memory of an application running in entire system.

V8 has another method [getHeapSpaceStatistics](/nodejs-v8-getheapspacestatistics-method) about statistics of spaces in the system.



It returns an object of following properties

  • total_heap_size :Allocated total heap size in bytes, It increases if used_heap_size configured
  • total_heap_size_executable : heap size in bytes allocated for compilation of byte code
  • total_physical_size : total available size of an harddisk
  • total_available_size : total available heap size
  • heap_size_limit: Limit on heap size default is max_old_space_size value
  • used_heap_size: heap size in bytes allocated to application
  • malloced_memory: Current mallocated memory
  • peak_malloced_memory: peak allocated memory
  • does_zap_garbage : set to 0 or 1 to indicate zap_code_space option is enabled or not
  • number_of_native_contexts : active top level native contexts
  • number_of_detached_contexts : detached context which are not garbage collected

This will give useful heap information

v8 getHeapStatistics method example.

first import v8 module using require keyword in ES5 syntax

const v8 = require('v8');

Here is an code for v8 getHeapStatistics example
const v8module = require('v8');

running info.js in command line with node command

node info.js

It outputs an object

  total_heap_size: 4468736,
  total_heap_size_executable: 524288,
  total_physical_size: 4468736,
  total_available_size: 4342053000,
  used_heap_size: 2851944,
  heap_size_limit: 4345298944,
  malloced_memory: 8192,
  peak_malloced_memory: 123168,
  does_zap_garbage: 0,
  number_of_native_contexts: 1,
  number_of_detached_contexts: 0


You learned getHeapStatistics method in v8 module of nodejs application. This gives about heap statistics information of an nodejs application as well as entire environment.

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