Netlify update node and npm version for production

Change nodejs version in netlify

This short tutorials explain about How to set node and npm versions in netlify?

This post answers the below questions

  • set latest nodejs version in netlify
  • upgrade node and npm versions production build
  • Change outdated nodejs version

There are multiple ways we can upgrade the node version.

First way, use .nvmrc file

Adding .nvmrc file.

Go to your project root folder, Create a file .nvmrc

Add the node version to it

.nvmrc file:


Upgrade nodejs and npm version using Environment Variables?

Following are steps to add environment variables in

  • First, log in to netlify account
  • Next, Go to Sites and select the project
  • Select Site Settings
  • Go to the Build & Deploy tab,
  • Go to Environment & Environment variables
  • Please add the below environment variables

These variables are available to build a script for your site.

Please create environment variables with the below values

NODE_VERSION = "16.9.0"
NPM_VERSION = "7.11.1"

Adding node and npm version in netlify.toml file

netlify.toml file contain all build-related configuration for production build of netlify environment

Please add the below values to netlify.toml file

  HUGO_ENV = "production"
  HUGO_VERSION = "0.89.4"
  HUGO_VERSION = "0.89.4"
  NODE_VERSION = "16.9.0"
  NPM_VERSION = "7.11.1"


To Sum Up, You learned multiple ways to learn upgrade nodejs versions in netlify build and deployment

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