How to find Operating System username in NodeJS?

This example shows multiple ways to get the current logged username of the running Operating System.

Each OS has a login profile to log into System.

Program to retrieve the current logged OS username in NodeJS

Nodejs os module provides current Operation System information. The userInfo() function returns an object containing the OS information of a user and directory.

First, Import theos module into the code using require() function.

Here is an example code

var os = require("os");
console.log(os.userInfo().username); //john


uid: -1,
gid: -1,
username: 'john',
homedir: 'C:\\Users\\john',
shell: null

Another way, using the global process property


REPL command line to get the current username using the os module

  • using os module.

you can get a username with several functions - os.userInfo() that returns an object containing the following information

os.userInfo(): returns an object containing username and home directory os.userInfo().username - returns current logged username

> os.hostname()
> 'john'
> os.userInfo()
> {
> uid: -1,
> gid: -1,
> username: 'john',
> homedir: 'C:\\Users\\john',
> shell: null
> }
> os.userInfo().username
> 'john'
  • process.env.username global property
> process.env.username
> 'John'