How to restart node server forever | Nodejs forever npm library

This tutorial shows how to keep the node server alive continuously and also how to restart the node server after an error or crash.

forever npm library provides a CLI tool to keep the node server continuously running.

It restarts a server if the node server stopped because of an error.

It provides the following ways to integrate into node application

  • CLI tool
  • Code

Nodejs forever server alive

First, install the forever npm library into an application

In the terminal, run the below command

npm install forever -g

It installs forever CLI globally.

Here is a command to start the script and run it continuously

forever start main.js

you can see the output as follows process is started as a daemon process and runs in the background.

info:   Running action: start
info:   Forever processing file: main.js

You can see different options for forever command.

type forever in the terminal to get available options and configurations.


you can pass the options to the command line or copy them to a json file.

Create a dev.json file

"append": true,
"watch": true,
"script": "index.js"

then, you can run the below command as follows

forever start dev.json

You can also check for more about forever npm

You can also start forever using code.

It also provides start, stop,startall, restart,restartall, and list of all scripts.

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