Jest cache - Disable, Find Cache Directory with examples

This tutorial explains about below things

jest cache allows you to run the test cases faster to improve the execution time.

Jest provides multiple options to run in any javascript projects

  • jest command line.

How to disable cache in jest test cases

the jest command line provides two options to enable or disable the cache

  • --cache: Enable the cache, It is a default option.
  • --no-cache: Disable the cache
jest --cache

jest by default store its in a temporary cache for performance improvement

You can also override the location in the jest.config.js


Run the below command, to disable the cache. and slow down the execution.

jest --no-cache

Jest Cache Directory Location

Jest configurations are defined as jest.config.js or jest.config.json.

You can find the location of the cache folder in two ways.

  • Using config file

  • Open jest.config.js in VS Code

  • It contains cacheDirectory attribute that contains location jest cache

  • Using CLI —showConfig

JEST CLi provides —showConfig and lists out all configurations

jest --showConfig --config=jest.config.json

It lists all configurations. You can find cacheDirectory key

jest --showConfig --config=jest.config.json |grep cacheDirectory


"cacheDirectory": "/var/project/jest"

If you are using npm scripts, You can configure scripts in package.json

"scripts": {
"find": "jest --showConfig --config=jest.config.json |grep cacheDirectory"

next, You can run the npm run find command in the command line

For some reason, if jest command is not found in your project, You can use the below options

For local dependency, use the below command

./node_modules/.bin/jest --showConfig --config=jest.config.json |grep cacheDirectory

For yarn users

yarn jest --showConfig --config=jest.config.json |grep cacheDirectory

For npx uses without installation

npx jest --showConfig --config=jest.config.json |grep cacheDirectory

How to clear Cache in Jest with an example

jest CLI provides an option —clearCache to remove cache

jest --clearCache

For local dependency, use below command

./node_modules/.bin/jest --clearCache

For yarn users

yarn jest --clearCache

For npx uses without installation

npx jest --clearCache

Another way, find the cache folder and remove using rm command

First, find the cache directory

jest --showConfig --config=jest.config.json |grep cacheDirectory

"cacheDirectory": "/var/project/jest"

It gives the location of the cache directory.

Remove the directory using the OS rm command to delete the cache

rm -rf /var/projects/jest