How to convert character to/from keycode in javascript?

This tutorial shows 2 ways to convert keycode to/from the character in javascript.

One way to charCodeAt() function converts a character to a keycode character, and the Other fromCharCode() function converts the Unicode keycode to the character.

Key codes for letters are unique numbers for any character including Unicode characters.

Keycodes and characters are

97-122 for a-z characters 65-90 for A-Z characters. 48-57 for 0-9

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How to Convert character to keycode in javascript

The charCodeAt() method returns the keycode for a character.

It returns numbers

97-122 for a-z characters 65-90 for A-Z characters. 48-57 for 0-9

console.log("a".charCodeAt(0)); // 97
console.log("z".charCodeAt(0)); // 122
console.log("A".charCodeAt(0)); // 65
console.log("Z".charCodeAt(0)); //90

How to get characters for a given keycode in javascript?

String.fromCharCode() takes one or many keycodes and returns characters.



Arguments are one or more keycode characters. Returns Character

Here is an example

console.log(String.fromCharCode(97)); //a
console.log(String.fromCharCode(122)); //z
console.log(String.fromCharCode(65, 90)); //AZ


In a summary, Learned ways to convert characters to/from keycodes in javascript with examples.