How to change favicon dynamically in javascript example

javascript Change favicon example

In this tutorial, an example covers how to change the favicon programmatically.

Sometimes, We need to change the favicon icon to a new icon dynamically.

For example, a favicon declares in an HTML header tag using a link tag.


<link id="favicon" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="assets/favicon.png" />

href is a favicon location

How to change favicon using javascript dynamically?

First, get the link element using Document API. querySelector method selects an element with id=" favicon".

const faviconLink = document.querySelector('#favicon');

Similarly, You can get a link element with rel='shortcut icon'

const faviconLink=document.querySelector("link[rel='shortcut icon']");

Next, Change the href with new favicon url

faviconLink.href = 'newfavicon.ico';

Here is a complete example of javascript code.

const faviconLink = document.querySelector('#favicon');

faviconLink.href = 'newfavicon.ico';

How to change the favicon url using jquery?

If you are using jquery in your application, It is simple to do with the attr function.

$("link[rel='shortcut icon']").attr("href", "newfavicon.ico"); or 
$("link['#favicon']").attr("href", "newfavicon.ico");
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