How to change favicon dynamically in javascript example

In this tutorial, an example covers how to change the favicon programmatically.

Sometimes, We need to change the favicon icon to a new icon dynamically.

For example, a favicon declares in an HTML header tag using a link tag.

    rel="shortcut icon"

href is a favicon location

How to change favicon using javascript dynamically?

First, get the link element using Document API. querySelector method selects an element with id=" favicon".

const faviconLink = document.querySelector("#favicon");

Similarly, You can get a link element with rel='shortcut icon'

const faviconLink = document.querySelector("link[rel='shortcut icon']");

Next, Change the href with new favicon url

faviconLink.href = "newfavicon.ico";

Here is a complete example of javascript code.

const faviconLink = document.querySelector("#favicon");

faviconLink.href = "newfavicon.ico";

How to change the favicon url using jquery?

If you are using jquery in your application, It is simple to do with the attr function.

$("link[rel='shortcut icon']").attr("href", "newfavicon.ico");
$("link['#favicon']").attr("href", "newfavicon.ico");