humans.txt file basic tutorials with example

In this post, you’ll learn about humans.txt file tutorials with examples

humans.txt file introduction

This is simple text file contains contents saved with UTF-8 format. It helps to know more about the persons behind creation of website.

As you know robots.txt is for search engines, humans.txt is for humans.

Important points

  • It is not compulsory to create this file
  • This will be avialable in public root folder of your applicaiton like sitemap or favicon or robots.txt file
  • This file contains information of the developers,architects,content writers,devops informations etc in this file.
  • Need not be of same standard format you need to follow, you can customize
  • This was added recently as a defacto standard

Components of humans.txt file

This file contains following entries of persons behind website

  • Authers information
  • social media profiles like twitter,facebook,github etc
  • contact email address or urls
  • Location of authors
  • reference person
  • last updated date of a website
  • technologies used frameworks or softwares
  • Any other information to make it public
  • Does not add any value interms of SEO pointview

Sample standard humans.txt file

Following is the sample text file content, It need not be same standard format you need to follow, you can customize the keys and values as per your convenience

/* TEAM */
Developer: Name.
contact: or contact form link.
Twitter: twitter username.
Location: Seatle,USA


/* THANKS */
Name: reference name or url of person

/* SITE */

Last update: 2020/04/22
Standards: HTML5, CSS3,javascript..
Components: Angular,Nodejs.
Software: MEAN Stack

usage in websites

upload the file to root directory of your web applicaiton, and it will be accessible with your website like For this you need read and write access to upload this file.

Once the file is accessible with your website url, you need to make changes in html head section by adding link tag as follows.

<link type="text/plain" rel="author" href="http://website/humans.txt" />

Google provided humans.txt file file with customized format.

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