How to make a phone number and skype clickable in HTML anchor example

This blog post examples how to phone number is clickable in HTML.

Normally, In a webpage, text can be clickable link by using anchor (a) tag in HTML.

Suppose, You have a phone number link on the browser on a mobile device, if you click on it, It opens the calling contacts page with the number given below.

This shows multiple examples, First way is to make a clickable link using href tel: schema Another example makes skype clickable links.

How do I make a phone number clickable in HTML?

Here are the steps to make a phone linkable in HTML.

  • Create a anchor tag in html
  • href attribute value is wrapped with tel:International code+ phone number
  • Add custom anchor label
<a href="tel:+International code+ Phone Number">Contact us</a>

Here is an example of a clickable link

<a href="tel:+1 000000000">Contact us</a>

On clicking the link, It asks to show the Make a call window to select a device and make a call from a device.

You can make a skype phone number or username clickable using the below skype: phone or username schema.

<a href="skype:phoneno">Contact Skype Phone</a>. 
<a href="skype:username">Contact Skype username</a>. 

It works as a link, on clicking the link, It makes a skype call to phone no or username in the skype app.

tel: and skype: schema works in all latest browsers on devices.


To Summarize, How to make telephone numbers and skype clickable anchor links in HTML with examples.

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