Difference between HandlebarJS and Mustache |javascript templates Engine comparison

In this tutorial, Let us see the differences and comparisons between mustache and handlebar templates.

Both are template languages for javascript and generate HTML output.

Both are open-source frameworks.

Let’s see the differences.

MustacheJS Javascript:

It is a simple webtemplate engine with tags replaced with values and supports many programming languages.

  • Opensource template
  • Compiled support in popular languages
  • Logic less and no helper classes
  • Active community
  • Partials are easy to implement

HandlebarJS javascript:

Handlebar js takes templating data as input, compiles, and outputs javascript functions, due to it, It performs faster than other templating engines.

  • These are extended syntax to the mustache template
  • Introduced helper classes #if, #each #unless #with
  • Developed template to support in javascript language
  • Better support in block level and comments compared with a mustache
  • Supports comments
  • Partial syntax is complex to understand and implement

Difference between Mustache vs handlebarJS templates

Opensource template engineOpensource template
Supports Helpers, PathsNo helper classes
Developed to support javascript compilationMustache has compilers in java, python and c, and javascript
Supports {{this}} for current objectLogic less template
verticalPositionVertical position - ‘top’,‘bottom’


You learned the difference between mustache and handlebarJS, If it is a small project, you can pick Mustache with wider language support.

if you want a more feature-rich and active community, you can choose HandlebarJS.