How to declare comments in HandlebarJS with examples?

Handlebar comments example

In this tutorial, Learned about how to declare comments in the handlebarJS template scripting language. Comments are text to describe line or code components.

These are ignored by the compiler or interpreter in any programming language.

Do handlebarJS support comments? Yes, It supports and uses to generate HTML content by the handlebar engine.

Does it support inline-block and multiline comments?

Inline comments are not supported but support single and multi-line comments.

Does it support two types of comments in HandlebarJS?

  • Comments are shown in generated HTML output
  • Comments not shown in HTML output

Generated HTML does not contain comments

These comments are not visible in generated HTML output We can use either single or multi-line comments.

HandlebarJS Single-line comments

These are comments that are a single line of text inside double braces.


{{! comment text or expression}}


{{! Check name exists and print }}

<div class="printname">
{{#if name}}
<h1>{{name}} {{salary}}</h1>

A comment is not generated in HTML Generated HTML

<div class="printname">
<h1>john 5000</h1>

HandlebarJS Multi-line comments

These comments always start with !– and comment text or expression can be spanned in multiple lines and ends with – inside double braces.


{{!-- multi-line 


{{!-- Check if the condition name
and print }} --}}
<div class="printname">
{{#if name}}
<h1>{{name}} {{salary}}</h1>

The generated output does not contain comment text

<div class="printname">
<h1>john 5000</h1>

HTML comments inside the handlebar template

These comments add to HTML and output as HTML comments.

These are always wrapped inside a bracket syntax


<div class="printname">
<!-- Checks Name is null and print name and salary -->
<h1>john 5000</h1>


Handlebar supports different comments single and multi-line and HTML comments.

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