How to create and delete gitlab project and repositories

import Image from ‘@components/Image.astro’ This tutorial explains how to delete projects and repositories in Gitlab.

Gitlab Create a project

Following are steps to create a project

  • Login to GitLab
  • Go to Projects links
  • Click on the New Project button
  • It redirects to the new project page
  • Select Create Blank project
  • Please enter the project details given below
Gitlab project create

Project name: project name Project slug: slug name for the project Project configuration: default README is created with a selection Visibility level: private and public

  • Create a button “Create a Project”
  • empty Project created with empty repository successfully

Gitlab delete project

Gitlab has access permissions, that logged user has permissions such as administrator to remove project access Following are steps to delete a project

  • Login to GitLab

  • Go to Projects links

  • Select the project you want to delete

  • Click settings and the popup shown, select General, It shows General Settings Page

  • Click on expand in the Advanced section

  • select the Delete Project button as shown given

  • Gitlab delete project
  • It asks for entering username/projectname, click on yes, Delete project.

  • It deletes the project successfully

  • It deletes all objects in the project, and action can not be undone.