Dart| Flutter How to: Convert String into an array

This tutorial shows multiple ways to convert a String into an array or list in dart and flutter programming.

Since Array does not support in Dart. We will show you to convert to List onlly.

Convert String int List or Array of character

String. split() method split the string with the delimiter. The default delimiter is an empty character.

Here is an example Convert String into a List of string characters

void main() {
  var str="welcome";
  List<String> st=str.split('');


[w, e, l, c, o, m, e]

You can also use trim the string and split the string

void main() {
  var str="welcome john";
  List<String> letterArray = str.trim().split("");


Split String int0 words in dart

Here is an example Convert String int List of substrings with blank space delimiter.

void main() {
  var str="welcome john";
  List<String> st=str.split(' ');


[welcome, john]
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