Flutter/Dart How to: Different ways to add leading trailing zeroes to number| Dart By Example

This tutorial shows multiple ways to add leading zeroes to an integer number in Dart/Flutter programming. how to add left right pad zeroes to a number in dart or flutter

This talks about multiple examples of the below things.

  • How to add left and right pad zeroes to integer numbers?
  • prefix and suffix zeroes to number in dart
  • leading and trailing zeroes to a number

How to add lead zeroes to Integer Number

Leading zero is a zero added to integer number with a given specific length on the left side or right side of a given number digits

Consider, length is 8, Given Number 111 and output is 00000111.

There are several ways to add pad zeroes to a given number.

use String padLeft method

String.padLeft(length,character) methods adds the left pad given character to given string with length.

String padLeft(int width, [String padding = ' '])

width is the total length padding is default optional empty if not provided value.


void main() {
  print(111.toString().padLeft(8, '0')); //00000111



use NumberFormat format method

intl/intl.dart package provides Number formatting utilities.

First, Import intl/intl.dart package into program. Next, Create NumberFormat with a format of zeroes with a length of 6. formatter.format() formats the given number as per the format

Here is an example

import 'package:intl/intl.dart';

void main() {
  NumberFormat formatter = new NumberFormat("000000");

  print("${formatter.format(111)}"); //000111



How to add trailing zeroes to an integer number

Consider, length is 8, Given Number 111, and output is 11100000.

String.padLeft(length,character) methods adds the right pad given character to given string with length.

String padLeft(int width, [String padding = ' '])
void main() {
  print(111.toString().padRight(8, '0')); //11100000


As a Result, Learn how to add left and right pad zero to a given number.

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