Dart| Flutter How to calculate the collection numbers sum example

calculate the collection numbers example dart or flutter

Functions in Dart return only a single value.

There are multiple ways to return multiple values wrapped with the below types

  • Array or List
  • Create an object of a Class
  • Set
  • Tuple class

How to return multiple values from a Function in Dart

Following are multiple ways to pass multiple data from a function

  • create a class and pass the object with values from a function

In this example, the function wants to return multiples of different types, So Wrap those values in the object of a class and return from a function.

The function return type is Class and returns data, access data using properties of a class.

Here is an example code

class Employee {
  final int id;
  final String name;

  Employee(this.id, this.name);

main() {
  var employee = getData();
  print(employee.id); // 1
  print(employee.name); // john

Employee getData() {
  return Employee(1, 'john');

  • Wrap the multiple values in Array and List, return it from a function

In this example, the function return multiples of different types in a list or Array. So Wrap those values in square brackets and return them from a function.

The function return type is List and returns data, access data using list[index].

Here is an example code

main() {
  var employee = getData();

List getData() {
  return [1, 'john'];
  • using tuple to combine multiple types

tuple is a new type from Google. It is used to combine multiple types into a single type. It provides a Tuple2 class.

Tuple2 object can be created with the below syntax

const t = Tuple2<int, String>(1, "string");

It contains two types int and string. Functions can return this object.

The values can be accessed with Tuple2.item1 and Tuple2.item2 properties.

Here is an example code

import 'package:tuple/tuple.dart';

Tuple2<int, String> getData() {
  return new Tuple2(`42`, "john");

void main() {
  final data = getData();
  • use Set to return multiple type values in a function The function type is Set and returns multiple values.

The values from Set can be accessed using Set.first and Set.last properties.

Here is an example code

main() {
  var employee = getData();

Set getData() {
  return {1, 'john'};


To summarize, Dart or flutter functions return only a single type and values. However, We can do it using multiple ways - class objects, set, list, tuple, and Arrays

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