Dart| Flutter: How to check installed version| SDK version

Sometimes, We want to find the installed version of Dart and the SDK version.

This tutorial shows check the install version of flutter and the SDK version

How to Check the installed version of Dart?

Type dart --version command in the terminal gives the dart SDK version

PS A:\work\dart> dart --version
Dart SDK version: 2.16.1 (stable) (Tue Feb 8 12:02:33 2022 +0100) on "windows_x64"

if you want to find the location of the dart SDK location you can type the where dart command in Linux.

How to check the installed version of flutter

Following are the commands that run in the terminal.

flutter --version: List the version number of a flutter

where flutter: It lists the SDK location installed in the file system.

flutter doctor -v: list the detailed information about a flutter installation.