How to convert decimal to/from a binary number in Dart

A binary number is a number based on base 2. It contains either zero or one digit. Each digit is called a bit.

Example binary numbers are 1011.

Numbers with a base of ten, or numbers ranging from 0 to 9, are known as Decimal Numbers. 45 is an example of a decimal number. Learn how to convert decimal to Binary in a dart in this quick tutorial.

How to convert decimal numbers to Binary numbers in Dart?

In this example, a Decimal number with base 10 is converted to a Binary number with base 16 in dart and flutter

decimal numbers are represented using int type in dart. It has the toRadixString() method which accepts the base of an argument.


the base can be 16 for Hexa, 8 for octal, and 2 for binary.

Here is a code for parsing decimal to Binary example.

void main() {
  final decimalNumber = 158;
  final binaryNumber = decimalNumber.toRadixString(2); // 9e



How to parse Binary numbers to decimal numbers in Dart?

This example converts Binary to decimal numbers in dart and flutter.

The int has the parseInt method which takes string number and base


int.parseInt(String, {radix: base})

The string is a string of Binary numbers to convert. the base is a base such as 2, 8,16, etc.

Here is a code for convert Binary to decimal example

void main() {
  final decimalNumber = 158;
  final binaryNumber = decimalNumber.toRadixString(2);

  int decimalNumber1 = int.parse('10011110', radix: 2);




In a summary, Learned the following examples

  • Convert decimal to Binary number using the toRadixString method
  • Convert Binary to decimal number using parseInt() method
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