How to convert UUID to String and vice versa in javascript

Sometimes, We need to convert UUID to string, and string to UUID While working with Database’s unique identifier.

UUID is a Universal unique identifier that represents a unique string based on version 1,2,3,4,5.

UUID is a group of 32 hexadecimal strings with a format of 8-4-4-4-12 characters.

You can read more at javascript uuid

This tutorial explains multiple ways to Convert UUID to String and String to UUID

Parse UUID to String in vanilla javascript?

The UUID object has a fromString method which returns the string version. Call the toString method to return the string from a given UUID

here an examples

var uuidData = Uuid.fromString("8336b1c6-59e7-4ac7-a0f6-0a80a38ef6a6");
var uuidString = uuidData.toString();

It works on all browsers in and simple way.

Convert String to UUID in vanilla javascript?

There is no direct way to convert a string to UUID.

Multiple ways we can convert string to uuid in plain javascript

  • Use regular expressions

Create a Regular Expression that matches a string of acceptable characters and replaces the character at 8,12,16,18

Replace the string character at Position with a hyphen.

const uuidstring = "8336b1c659e74ac7a0f60a80a38ef6a6";
const uuid = uuidstring.replace(


  • Use the slice string function

    • Create an array to hold the substring.
    • First, Create a slice of a string for the first 8 characters and add it to the array.
    • Repeat slice logic for every 4 characters three times, pushes to array
    • Finally, create a slice of string for the remaining 12 characters

Now, the Array contains a slice of substrings, Join these elements using a hyphen, and return the string.

const uuidstring = "8336b1c659e74ac7a0f60a80a38ef6a6";
var output = [];
output.push(uuidstring.slice(0, 8));
output.push(uuidstring.slice(8, 12));
output.push(uuidstring.slice(12, 16));
output.push(uuidstring.slice(16, 20));
output.push(uuidstring.slice(20, 32));
var guidOutput = output.join("-");


Multiple approaches are specified here, To sum up, you can take whichever approach fits your application.