Difference between ngx-bootstrap and ng-bootstrap

Angular ngx-bootstrap vs ng-bootstrap example

This tutorial compares the bootstrap framework libraries in the Angular library.

Bootstrap is a UI library with mobile responsiveness with inbuilt UI components. If you want to integrate Bootstrap into the Angular application.

We have the following ways to integrate into

  • Bootstrap npm library
  • ngx-bootstrap
  • ng-bootstrap
  • There is any library or any other not sure about it

ngx-bootstrap and ng-bootstrap are wrappers on regular bootstrap to support UI components in Angular applications.

Both libraries are implemented by different teams to have bootstrap components in the Angular library.

Which one is better to choose in the Angular application? Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of each library.

Advantages and disadvantages of ngx-bootstrap

  • Built by a valor-software team
  • support Bootstrap 3 and 4, 5 versions
  • This only has support if you are using the bootstrap 3 version,
  • Better Built Animation support built-in popup and other components
  • Customize models with the template, as a service, and nested models
  • As of Aug2021, git has 5.3k stars
  • Mature and stable product

Advantages and disadvantages of ng-bootstrap

  • There is no support for the Bootstrap 3 version, Latest bootstrap 4 and 5 are supported
  • Toast component is integrated with native support
  • It is lighter size is less
  • It has no dependencies on JQuery and Javascript
  • As of Aug2021, git has 7.8k stars

Difference between ngx-bootstrap and bootstrap?

Let’s see the comparison of both of this

ng-bootstrap ngx-bootstrap bootstrap
Angular Native bootstrap components library Angular bootstrap UI library Javascript jquery regular library support all frameworks
Supports Bootstrap 4 and 5 Supports Bootstrap 3, 4, and 5 Supports all versions
7.8K git stars 5.3k Stars 153k Stars
Mature and lightweight Less compressed with ng-bootstrap NA
Native toast component Inbuilt more featured modal components NA

Is ng-bootstrap the same as bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a CSS framework that works in any application. ng-bootstrap is an npm library, wrapper on top of the Bootstrap framework


To Sum Up, Learn the difference between ngx-bootstrap and ng-bootstrap.

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