Best Practices for adding .gitignore file in Android projects

This tutorials talks about which files in android project are commited and which files are not ignored to git repository.

gitignore is a text file which contains list of files or patterns are excluded while commiting an android project.

Following are list of files and patters for gitignore files

java files are compiled to class files so class files are not required to commit to repository

# Java class files

lot of temparory files are generated

# generated files

Gradle local files are not required and build folder contains build output of an project

# Ignore gradle files

Configuration files like .iws, .ipr , .iml, can be excluded

# configuration

Build generated package files

The following generate package files can be added

# built generated package files

Dalmik VM files

# the Dalvik VM files

log files


keystore files


Android projects opens in either Android studio as well as Intelli IDEA.

These IDE related files can be ignored

# Android Studio / IntelliJ IDEA 

Operation System specific files

# OS temparory files
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