2 ways to convert String to JSON object in javascript? (Example)

In JavaScript, when the user submits the form, form data is collected in String format, We need to convert this to JSON object in the HTTP request to make REST API. In this blog, Learn to convert String objects to JSON objects. Generally, a String in JavaScript is a group of characters enclosed in single or double quotes. JSON is an object of key and value pairs enclosed in double quotes. It is an important task for a developer to convert to JSON and face many issues during development.

Convert String to JSON object in JavaScript

For a given string

const employee = '{"name": "Franc", "department": "sales"}';

There are two ways we can convert to a JSON object.

  • JSON.parse() method
  • JQuery parseJSON method

Using JSON.parse() method

JSON is built into a JavaScript object, and has a parse() method that accepts string text, parses JSON string, and converts it to a JavaScript object. Here is an example of converting to a JSON object.

console.log(typeof employee); //string

var jsonObject = JSON.parse(employee);
console.log(typeof jsonObject); //object

console.log(jsonObject); //{ name: 'Franc', department: 'sales' }
console.log(jsonObject.name); // Franc
console.log(jsonObject.department); // sales

In the example above,

  • String contains a JSON employ object with valid json text.
  • Printed string variable to the console using typeof operators and printed as a string
  • parse string and convert to JSON object using inbuilt JSON.parse() method
  • Console the object type and an object printed
  • you can access json object properties using object.keys
  • Printing individual property keys of json objects using jsonobject.key


If JSON text is not well-formatted or is invalid format, Then it throws SyntaxError: Unexpected token n in JSON at position 1.

To handle such errors, use try and catch block In the below example, the name property missing start "symbol start.

  const employee = '{name": "Franc","department":"sales"}';
  console.log(typeof employee);
  var jsonObject = JSON.parse(employee);
} catch (error) {
  console.error('JSON parse failed:', error);

The advantages of this approach are using inbuilt JavaScript objects, and not requiring any libraries.

Using the JQuery parseJSON method

JQuery parseJSON also does the same, but you have to include the JQuery library.

var jsonStr = '{"name":"kiran"}';
var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(jsonStr);
var obj = $.parseJSON(jsonStr);

parseJSOn also throws an error, if json text is invalid format.


To summarize, Learned how to parse

  • String to JSON object using JSON.parse in Javascript
  • using jQuery library