Typescript Guide to Decorators basics with examples

Typescript Decorators examples

Typescript Decorators

Typescript introduced decorators, Decorators are one of the design patterns in an object-oriented program.

Decorator Design pattern

Design patterns are solutions to repeated problems. This pattern allows adding functions and behavior to objects dynamically. It does affect the overall behavior of objects of a class.

Typescript decorators can be applied to

  • Methods
  • Classes
  • Properties
  • parameters
  • Accessor

These are experimental features, This might change in future versions. This will not be available to code normally.

We have to do Compiler configurations - experimentalDecorators to enable it.

It is done via the command line or tsconfig.json.

tsc --target ES5 --experimentalDecorators  
    "compilerOptions": {  
        "target": "ES5",  
        "experimentalDecorators": true  

We will see the decorator examples in future posts
Class Decorator and Examples

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