Frequently Used Array Examples Javascript|Typescript

In this blog post, We are going to learn Frequently used Array Examples in typescript and javascript

The array is a collection of elements/objects stored under one name. The size of the array is fixed. Developers must learn Array examples in typescripts.

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Following is a list of frequently used array examples

How to remove an element or object from the Array

This example shows how to

  • Delete / remove element from an array using Array.prototype.splice function
  • First find an index of an element in an array using findIndex() function
  • remove element from array using splice() function
var arrayStrings = new Array("one", "two", "there", "four");
var deleteElement = "one";
let index = this.arrayStrings.findIndex((d) => d === deleteElement);
this.arrayStrings.splice(index, 1);


0: "two"
1: "there"
2: "four"

How to Create a Statically typed array of functions or callbacks in typescript

This example shows

  1. How to Create an array of interfaces
  2. How to create a Type array of callbacks or functions

First Create a named function of an interface that accepts strings and returns a void Create an array of interfaces

interface MyInterface {
  (name: string): void;
var mycallback: MyInterface[] = [];

Or We can also use a typed array literal syntax for creating an array of functions

var myNewFunction: { (name: string): void }[];

How to retrieve the last element or object from an array in Javascript?

This example shows

  • the last element of an array using an array.length-1 function
  • How to find the length of an array using Array.length-1 element
  • Get the Last element of an array | array.pop() method
var arrayStrings = new Array("one", "two", "there", "four");
console.log(arrayStrings[arrayStrings.length - 1]);



How to create a Static array in typescript class

This example shows

  1. Create a Static private array of a class
  2. the getSize method returns the static array size using the length function
class MyClass {
    private static stringArray: string[] = ["one", "two", "three","four"];
    getSize(): number {
        return MyClass.stringArray.length;
var myobject = new MyClass();