Learn SweetAlert library tutorials with examples

SweetAlert2 javascript library

Javascript has inbuilt into the alert mechanism. which can be called using a window.alert() method. This just displays the basics alert popup . The disadvantage with this is the look and feel are not great. UI is the same across mobile and desktop devices. There is no way we can customize the alerts. Alerts are usually to notify the users with a popup with error/warning messages. We don’t have the option to customize to take input from the user with this approach.

SweetAlert is a pop-up library to replace alert mechanisms with beautiful good responsive with the customizing mechanism. It is a simple library that has no dependencies. It has only one stylesheet and Javascript file. This will be used in use cases like the record is deleted, some operation is successful, authentication failure cases


  • Customization
  • Responsiveness
  • Easy to Learn
  • will work with NPM and jquery/javascript applications
  • No dependencies. Plain Javascript and CSS files need to include


  • Learning new library - the Little learning curve
  • New library need to add

Installation and setup

To use it in your project, first, install the library. The sweet alert provides CDN library as well as npm/bower/yarn package, manager

Using CDN with Jquery

Download library from here🔗. Extract the content or you can use CDN Library Sweet alert CDN You can use CDN directly in the script tag of the head tag.

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<!-- SweetAlert2 -->
<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/limonte-sweetalert2/7.26.9/sweetalert2.all.min.js"></script>

Using npm manager

npm install sweetalert2
bower install sweetalert2

Once you have installed this library, Creating and using this library is very simple.

create sweetalert object You can use a swal object to initialize it. We will see the different use cases of using this object.

Simple Example Usage application

swal("Simple Message");
swal("Simplemessage!", "Title inserted hehre");
swal("Sucess message", "Text here", "success");

    title: "Are you sure want to delete it?",
    text: "Delete record,",
    type: "warning",
    showCancelButton: true,
    confirmButtonColor: "#DD6B55",
    confirmButtonText: "Yes, deleted!",
    closeOnConfirm: false,
    //closeOnCancel: false
  function () {
    swal("Deleted!", "Your record has been deleted!", "success");

We will see the below screenshot of the above code

sweet alert example usage

Alert types

The swal object has the property of a property type that describes the alert message type.

  • Success - Successful message
  • Error - Error message
  • Warning - Warning message
  • info - Info message
  • Input - This allows to take input from the user

  title: "Are you sure?",
  text: "Delete record,",
  type: "warning",

SweetAlert Examples

We will see the following frequent usage examples.

How to change the height of the popup?

By default, it shows a popup with a fixed width. To change the height of the popup, You have to write a custom CSS as below. You have to use a new custom class of Swal object

     title: 'Test',
     customClass: 'new-height'

 <br /> .new-height {<br />  height: 100vh;<br />}<br />

How to display two input fields in sweetalert?

swal object provides an HTML option where we can write HTML code of input boxes here. You can not use the text option with the HTML option. if used both, only the text option is considered.

  title: 'two inputs',
    '<input class="input1" id="input1" />' +
    '<input class="input2" id="input2" />',
  preConfirm: function () {
    return new Promise(function (resolve) {
  onOpen: function () {
}).then(function (result) {

SweetAlert also provides libraries for Angular, React, and Vuejs libraries

Angular Library - ngx-sweetalert2 is an npm package React Library - sweetalert2-react-content is npm package Vuejs Library - vue-sweetalert2 is npm package

We will see this integration with different frameworks in separate future posts. If you like this post, please share and like or follow my page on Facebook/Twitter.