Crucible Code Review Tool basics

What is the Crucible tool?

Crucible is a code review tool. This tool is developed by Atlassian. You can use as the crucible cloud as well as individual web application Code review is a collaborative process between developers of a codebase for delivering good code.
This tool track code review activity and changes.
the user enables to add comments to each line of source code. This is very useful for remote teams across the globe
Code review is one of an important step in agile project management process for code quality check.

Code review process can be customized as per development team requirement

Crucible Code Review user types.

There are three user types in crucible code review tool
Author:- The person/developer who coded the source code.  He will fix the bugs if any issues come
Reviewer:- Developer/lead is the person who checks code for code review
Moderator:- Person who actually created the review request for code review process 

We can use either web-based code review tool or crucible eclipse plugin

code review flow 

Crucible code review workflow

Crucible tool integrated with JIRA and FishEye tools for continuous integration and test-driven development

Crucible Code Review Process

  1. Developer resolves a bug

  2. Developer done with the code changes and resolves a bug in JIRA

  3. Author (developer) initiates a code review

  4. Once a bug is in a resolved state, the author will trigger a code review

  5. On the Fisheye tab section in JIRA, create a crucible review and assign a code reviewer(s)

  6. The author should click “Start Review” button to start the review process. Otherwise, a review won’t start and it won’t send an email notification to a reviewer.

  7. Reviewer reviews the changes

  8. Once a crucible review is created, a reviewer will be notified by an email.

  9. Reviewer opens the crucible windows, and review each file.

  10. When all the changes are reviewed, and when no more change is needed, the reviewer completes the review by clicking “Complete” button

  11. Author (developer) closes a code review

  12. The author summarizes the review, if no issues,then it will close the review..

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