Install,setup cloudera hadoop on linux

Install cloudera hadoop on linux

This article talks about installing hadoop on single host machine

hadoop is framework for large amount of data processing paralleled

Hadoop implementation provided by different vendors like hortionworks and cloudera.

This article talks about install cloudera hadoop on single machine.

To setup cloudera hadoop, java is required.
if java is not already installed, install JDK 1.6, at least update 8

Please donwnload cloudera-testing.repo from and copy it to /etc/yum.repos.d/ and make sure you update yum command

Please run below commands to install hadoop,hive and pig

$ yum install hadoop-0.20 -y  
$ yum install hadoop-hive -y  
$ yum install hadoop-pig -y  

The above commands installs hadoop to /usr/lib/hadoop folder, hive installs to /usr/lib/hive, pig to /usr/lib/pig

please setup the environment variables as described below in .bash_rc file

$ \\vi ~/.bashrc  
export HADOOP\_HOME=/usr/lib/hadoop  
export HIVE\_HOME=/usr/lib/hive  
export PIG\_HOME=/usr/lib/pig  
export PATH=$HADOOP\_HOME/bin:$PATH:$PIG\_HOME/bin:$HIVE\_HOME/bin  

```save it to .bashrc file  
$ source ~/.bashrc  
Open $HADOOP\_HOME/conf/ Add JAVA\_HOME path. Ex:  
export JAVA\_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0\_18  
\* Open $HADOOP\_HOME/conf/core-site.xml. Add the Namenode server name or localhost and port for Ex:  
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