Friday, December 30, 2011

Issues in configuring settings.xml in maven

As you know, maven is build tool for software java projects. Most of the developers have uses maven over ant these days because of maven resolve their dependencies.

settings.xml in maven is used to configure enviornment specific settings such as repositries(Local and remote repositories) and proxy configuration and server credetials.

what is repository in Maven:-

As you know, in java application, there are a lot of dependencies such as log4j,apache libraries. These are called dependencies to your project. you have to define all your dependecies in pom.xml.

This libraries are avilable in apache repositories. so you have to download all these files when we don't use maven in your project.
If we have used maven to your project, these libraries(jar files) are downloaded to your local repository for the first to your company host.

Local repository contain java libraries downloaded from different libraries repositories.

This settings.xml is created in your {user's m2 folder}/.m2/settings.xml by default.


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