Hello World JSP Example

Before deploying JSP on your environment, ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set. Also, download Apache Tomcat from the Apache site and set the TOMCAT_HOME environment variable. Make sure that the PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables are also set.

Steps to Create Your First Web Application

  • Create a HelloWorld folder with the following structure: The HelloWorld root folder should have the following structure:
java web Application folder structure
  • Create a first.jsp file that prints the “Hello, World!” code to the console. Type the code into Notepad and save it as first.jsp. Place this file in the HelloWorld root folder of your web application.

Deploying the HelloWorld Web App to Tomcat

  • To deploy the web app to Tomcat, copy the HelloWorld app to the Tomcat installed directory, i.e., webapps, and start the Tomcat server. The start script is located under TOMCAT_HOME\bin\startTomcat.bat for Windows.

  • Accessing the JSP file: To run the first.jsp file, open a browser and navigate to the address: http://localhost:8080/first.jsp. This will display the executed JSP file.

so you are ready with learning with your first JSP page creation.