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Classes and Objects in Typescript| Constructor and Inheritance examples

December 31, 2022 ·  6 min read

In this tutorial, learn the basics of the classes and objects in a typescript programming language. In Any Object-oriented programming Object-oriented programming’s foundational elements are classes and objects. The data is stored in classes, and the behavior or methods that operate on it are represented by methods. You can also check Typescript final keyword What is Class in Typescript? Class is introduced in the ES6 version of the latest JavaScript....

Bulma CSS framework tutorials with examples

December 31, 2022 ·  2 min read

This post is an index page for all posts of Bulma CSS tutorials with examples. Bulma CSS Introduction and features Bulma is CSS opensource framework based on flexbox. which support the following features Responsive that works on any screen size, Like a Bootstrap framework, It is designed as per Mobile First Lightweight in size A lot of Inbuilt components and predefined SASS styles Better design than bootstrap It is based on modules that support sass files Customizable and extendable Installation and Setup Any website or HTML can be integrated with Bulma CSS in many ways....

Best ways to remove duplicate elements from an array in javascript

December 31, 2022 ·  3 min read

Sometimes, Array contains duplicate data, the developer has to write code to remove duplicates and return an array with unique elements. There are many ways we can remove duplicates from an array. In this blog post, You will learn 5 ways of duplicating items of the array in javascript/Typescript. using array filter and indexOf method ES6 using set with spread expression Jquery each and inArray method forEach loop implementation UnderscoreJS and lodash with uniq method Given an array of numbers....

Best ways to iterate or enumerate objects in javascript or typescript examples

December 31, 2022 ·  3 min read

There are many ways we can do an iteration of a JavaScript object, In this blog, we will discuss 7 ways of looping objects in JavaScript with examples. The same examples work in typescript. How to iterate an object in javascript? An object is a group of keys and values separated by commas. How do enumerate the properties of a javascript object?. Follow are different ways of looping a plain object....

Best ways to implement line break without by tag in CSS

December 31, 2022 ·  2 min read

Sometimes, you want to display the following text in multiple lines on the UI page abc def ghk lmn pqr tuv will code the text in HTML using p and div tags as follows <p> abc def ghk lmn pqr tuv <p> The browser displays the line abc def ghk lmn pqr tuv we can use the br tag to get a line break in UI. <p> abc def</br> ghk lmn</br> pqr tuv</br> <p> How do a line break without tag...

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