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Primeng Progressbar tutorial| p-progressbar example

January 1, 2022 ·  3 min read

In this blog post, We are going to learn Primeng Angular Progressbar tutorials with examples. Primeng is a Rich UI library for providing rich UI components of an Angular framework. It Provides a progress bar UI Component. Angular Progressbar Component example progressbar is a UI component is used to indicate the progressive state of an event or action. This will be shown to the user about status during the upload of a file to a server....

Primeng Dropdown Component | Angular Dropdown list Example

January 1, 2022 ·  7 min read

In this tutorial, learn the basics of Primeng Dropdown with examples. The ‘dropdown’ is a user interface element that displays an elements list and allows the user to select one of the elements from the list. The element can be plain strings, JSON arrays, or javascript Objects. Primeng has a set of rich UI Elements for Agular Framework on typescript from the Primefaces team. Contents primeng Angular dropdown features Integration primeng dropdown into the existing angular application dropdown example Dropdown OptionLabel example Modal Driven Form Example ng-template custom label and content Dropdown style and Icon Change Important Events and properties How to Fix for CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA Angular Error Conclusion You can check my previous posts on the primeng framework....

Primeng data table Filtering Sorting Paging | Angular p-table examples

January 1, 2022 ·  7 min read

In this blog post, We are going to learn the Primeng Angular 12 Data table example with tutorials. Contents Primeng data table Primeng data table features Generate Angular Application with CLI Angular CLI Project Structure Integrate primeng npm in Angular angular.json style configurations Primeng Data Table Simple Example Template html changes primeng dynamic columns with ngFor loop primeng datatable Sort column ascending primeng table Pagination example p-table issues Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘@angular/cdk/scrolling Primeng is an Angular open-source framework for a collection of Rich UI libraries....

Primeng calendar Angular 6 tutorial with examples

January 1, 2022 ·  2 min read

Primeng Calendar In this tutorial, We are going to learn the Basics of the Priming calendar with examples. Primeng is a group of Rich UI elements for the Angular 12 library. The calendar is a component for selecting a date by the user. Calendar features Supports Multi-languages Two Way binding Able to customize as per user requirements Allows selecting time and date Creation of Angular 12 Application using CLI tool First, install the angular-cli tool using an npm package manager....

Primeng button Angular tutorials|p-button examples

January 1, 2022 ·  3 min read

This post covers an integrating primeng button with examples. First, see this tutorial on how to (Integrate primeng into Angular)[2018/07/primeng-with-angular-6-example-from.html] for doing below things. create an angular application using the ng CLI command Integrate primeng into Angular application Import ButtonModule into Angular application In the Application Module file ie app.module.ts import ButtonModule from primeng library Added ButtonModule to import section of app module. app....

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