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What is a hive in Hadoop?

January 1, 2022 ·  2 min read

Hive is an open-source framework developed in Java, and one of the sub-component of the Hadoop system, developed by Facebook on top of Hadoop HDFS system. We have different components as part of Hadoop architecture. HDFS Basics in Hadoop. Hive can be used to access the data (files in HDFS) stored in the Hadoop distributed file system or data stored in HBase. Map-reduce is a java framework to process the data parallelly Hive uses a large amount of data on Hadoop without knowing java map-reduce programming....

what folder/files are ignored for git commit | gitignore vue

January 1, 2022 ·  2 min read

The path of files or directories in your application are listed in the gitignore file. These files are not committed during git push or commit operations. New Vuejs applications prototype created using Vue-CLI, and By default, It generates gitignore files which have the following content. .DS_Store node_modules/ dist/ npm-debug.log If you open your project with Visual Studio Code, it creates some caching files. So you need to add those in the gitignore file....

Vuejs V-on and v-bind directives examples| Shorthand syntax

January 1, 2022 ·  2 min read

In this short tutorial, You will learn about v-on and v-bin directive and shorthand syntax with examples. v-on directive v-on directive in vuejs adds the dynamic behavior to HTML templates. v-on is a vuejs directive that is the binding event handler for listening to javascript native events. It adds an extra parameter to the HTML tag as seen below. Syntax <htmltag v-on:Events:modifier="Eventhandler" ></htmltag> <htmltag @:Events:modifier="Eventhandler" ></htmltag> Events are click events, button click or input keypress events are examples....

Vuejs popup notification tutorial | Sweetalert2 example

January 1, 2022 ·  5 min read

In this blog post, We are going to learn How to create a popup in a vuejs application using the sweet alert framework I already blogged about Sweetalert tutorials with examples and Alert Notifications with Angular here as follows VueJS Alert Component Alert is a simple popup dialog box to give useful information to the user Vuejs is a popular progressive javascript framework for creating single-page applications. Sweetalert is a vanilla opensource lightweight javascript to create a popup notification in javascript applications....

VueJs - Input blur event with examples

January 1, 2022 ·  3 min read

In this tutorial, We are going to learn blur event uses and multiple examples. blur event is a browser native event introduced with javascript language. Every front-end framework is implemented in the framework itself. Let us learn what is blur event, how this event is implemented in vuejs applications. Other versions available: Angular blur event example React onBlur event guide example BLur event is fired when the input element lost focus....

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