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How to solve IllegalArgumentException in java with examples

February 15, 2012 ·  2 min read

Fix for IllegalArgumentException in java:- IllegalArgumentException is one of frequent exceptions occured in java programming language. This exception extends RunTimeException class. These are also called UncheckedExceptions and need not to be handled in java code for this exceptions occurs at runtime. Exceptions in java are used to indicate that there is an error in your code. IllegalArgumentException is good way of handling in the code.This exception occurs when caller calling method with incorrect arugment types for the methods....

Top 10 examples of find command in unix and linux

February 6, 2012 ·  4 min read

Best Find command examples in linux and unix:- find command is one of frequent command used in linux and unix operating systems. find command is used by unix/linux users to search the specific files in directory as well as sub directories. I use this command as part of my programming development with java for searching logs as well as java files in linux operating system. In windows environment, users have the ability to search the any files directly using windows explore....

Hibernate criteria query | restriction projections Order by examples

January 31, 2012 ·  3 min read

Hibernate Criteria API criteria are used to select the specific type of data from the database. Let us take the use case, where the website has search capability provided, you have to search the website with different conditions, To handle this using hibernate, we can compose different parameters to Criteria object and make custom sql queries to the database to retrieve the data. Hibernate criteria API is alternative to Hibernate query language or HQL and generate complex queries using different criteria....

Learn Basics of Sample web.xml in java

January 23, 2012 ·  3 min read

This post covers basics of web.xml in java web application Web.xml is web deployment descriptor used for any web application written in java. Every web application that is developed in java should have this xml file in Root-Folder/WEB-INF.Web.xml is defined as part java specification. so every vendors like tomcat, jboss or other app servers should have to implement in their own web based frameworks.web.xml contains all the jsp,servlet configuration, filter, listener configurations....

Learn tar command with examples in linux or unix

January 22, 2012 ·  2 min read

Tar command in unix:- Tar command is abbreviated as tape archive.tar is one of the most popular zipped/achieve command in Unix like zipping in windows to compress the files and store all the files into single file tar.gz. tar and gzip are more popular zipped archive commands in Linux or Unix like zipping, WinRAR etc in windows. I have also blogged about Top 10 gzip examples in linux,unix for gzip usage....

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